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Quote Settings

This menu option is available from Base, Web Stores, and POS Stores.

Sales quote setup provides a basic framework for how your system will process quotes. Please remember to click Save to preserve any changes you make to Sales Quote.

Quote Entry P4210 Version Designates the version of the Sales Order application (P4210) that will be used in the Solution for quote order entry.
Quote Miscellaneous Line Type The line type used to insert miscellaneous lines on a quote.  If left blank the user will not see the option to add miscellaneous lines to a quote.
Quote Document Restriction Quote Order Types to Display in Quote History.
Quote Display Canceled Lines Determines if the user can see canceled quote lines or not.
Quote Conversion P4210 version Designates the version of the Sales Order application (P4210) that will be used to convert a quote into a sales order.
Quote Conversion Required line status The next status (NXTR) required for status quote lines to be considered "Ready for Review."
Quote Conversion Acceptance Level Quotes can be accepted and converted to sales order in one of two methods.  Possible options are:
  • Order level: the user will either accept or decline the quote in its entirety.
  • Detail level: the user can pick and choose which lines from the quote are accepted and which are declined.
Quote Entry Version P4210 for PunchOut Process The version of P4210 to be used in the Punchout process.

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