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Parcel shipments range in weight from under 1 pound to 150 or more pounds per piece and consist of items from the size of a letter to as many boxed or crated items that can be picked up and moved by a single person. Parcel carriers provide a wide variety of services; such as air delivery by next day or collecting required signatures.  Each carrier offers different transit times, deliveries, and service coverage.

For parcel carriers freight charges are generally based on fixed geographic zones and use the weight of the package as a multiplier. Carriers might offer different price levels for the service offered. Next day delivery is normally more expensive than second day delivery, which is more expensive than standard service. Parcel shipments utilize various modes of transportation en route to the final destination.  Each shipment may be moved by air, over the road, or require a type of service, or any combination of these modes.

As part of this documentation users should consult the EnterpriseOne™ Call Center documentation.  Included within this documentation are the enhancements directly related to the SmarterCommerce Freight Management Solution Kit.  All information related to the standard EnterpriseOne™ Call Center functionality should be consulted within the EnterpriseOne™ Call Center documentation.

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