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Release 7.0

Account Balance

scAccountBalance sc-account-balance

This control allows authenticated (customer) users to see account balance/aging information based on company selection.  Some of the data available is based on the JDE Credit Analysis Refresh (R03B525) UBE. This widget requires authentication and thus must be placed on a page with authentication permissions.

The following information will be displayed:

  • Account balance date
  • List of companies available
  • Account Summary
  • Account Aging (chart)
This control provides authenticated web users (customers) the functionality to view account balance. The widget requires the user to be authenticated and it must be placed on a page with authentication permissions. Otherwise, it displays the message "This widget requires a valid SC user authentication".
Store Companies
Profile > Account Receivable
Companies for which information will be displayed.
Decimal Places to Display Totals
Sales > Settings
Determines how many decimal places are displayed for totals.
View Account Balance
If the web user does not have permission to View Account Balance then Account Balance option is hidden.

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