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As part of this documentation, users should consult the Oracle EnterpriseOne Address Book and Accounts Receivable Customer Management documentation manuals, along with the SmarterCommerce Consumer Management manual.  Included within this documentation, is the functionality directly related to the SmarterCommerce Call Management solution.  All information related to the standard Oracle EnterpriseOne functionality should be consulted within their respective documentation manual.

The Call Management solution is designed to assist organizations in tracking inbound call history for both standard JD Edwards customers and SmarterCommerce consumers.  The solution provides JD Edwards users an easy way to document phone conversations, reference product and/or sales order information and set task reminders for follow-up.  In addition, the Call Management solution provides task tracking follow-up applications that can be configured by internal JD Edwards users as reminders for upcoming tasks to complete. 

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We bring together digital commerce, retail and call center channels with a united approach that leverages the power of onmi-channel while prioritizing JD Edwards connectivity.