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SmarterCommerce marketing code functionality works in conjunction with the Call Center module and other SmarterCommerce solutions providing customers the ability to associate specific marketing promotions and/or marketing campaigns to actual sales by allowing the entry of a marketing code during order entry. 

Marketing code functionality provides your sales and marketing department the ability to link marketing events with the various elements available within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne™ Sales Order Management module providing a mechanism to track sales order history against current or past marketing events and evaluate their effectiveness.  For example, a marketing promotion code can be associated with a specific Customer Group or Price Adjustment Schedule such that when a sales order is entered with that marketing code, the corresponding pricing defined for the customer group or price adjustment schedule will take effect. 

The SmarterCommerce marketing code enhancements provide for the definition of marketing promotion codes as well as marketing campaigns.  Marketing promotion codes are user defined codes typically related to a specific promotion or marketing event, and can be associated directly to a sales order.  Marketing campaign codes are user defined codes that allow you to group marketing promotion codes in order to analyze the effectiveness of the overall campaign.



All information related to the standard JD Edwards Sales Order Management functionality should be consulted within the JD Edwards Sales Order Management documentation.

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