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Synchronize Pricing UOM with Transaction UOM

Management Console

Standard JDE uses the pricing UOM to display the unit price and the transaction UOM to display the extended price. This setting allows you to decide if you want to synchronize the pricing UOM with the transaction UOM.  For example on the item master you might have an item setup with EA as the transaction UOM, but CA as the pricing UOM.  When this option is turned on the pricing UOM for the order will be updated and synchronized with the transaction UOM selected.  If the UOM is not synchronized Product Content will display the price with the pricing UOM displayed next to it. If the user changes the UOM then the price will be recalculated. In addition, checkout, place quote, and modify order processes (and the associated email confirmations) will also display the pricing UOM next to the price.

Yes - Synchronize the pricing and transaction UOM

No -  Do not synchronize the pricing and transaction UOM

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