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Release 7.0

Sales Person Options

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scSalesPersonOptions sc-sales-person-options
This widget displays the current client name the sales person is working on behalf of. It also displays an option to switch client as well as links to view the selected client's Wish List and Recently viewed items.

Sample Views

1- Sales Person Options
Display Wish List option
Defines if link to Wish List is displayed.
Display Recently viewed option
Defines if link to Recently Viewed items is displayed.
Recently Viewed Full View URL
Defines the URL for Recently viewed products page. 
Wish List URL
Defines the URL for Wish List page. Available when display Wish List option is turned on. (URL is required). 
Maximum recently viewed products per web user
Defines the number of recently viewed products saved per web user.  When this setting is 0 no visited products will be saved.  

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