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Release 7.0

Product Search Box

scProductSearchBox sc-product-search-box
This control is frequently used on Top Bar section. It allows the web user to access the product search page by entering search criteria.
Cross Reference Type for Customer Product Number
Ecommerce > Settings
JD Edwards item cross reference type code representing customer item number.
Display product number
For CMS stores this is the product number that will be displayed upon entry and validation of a product. For Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) stores this is the product number shown in order and invoice history. This is also the product number that will be used throughout the Management Console. 
Show product number
Catalog > Product Listings

This setting hides/shows the product number and the customer cross-reference number. This setting is used in the product search visual assistant and the following widgets:

  • Catalog
  • Compare (widget and bar)
  • Cross reference products in Product Content and Shopping Cart
  • Most Viewed Products
  • Product Content Replacements View
  • Product Search Box (suggestions)
  • Product Search Results
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Wish List
  • Add to Cart Modal Confirmation

    The historical widgets, for example Order History, Invoice History, and Product Content and the “More Info” modal do not use this setting.

Enable preferences cookies
Web Site > Cookies
Enable preferences cookies (used to save web user preferences like page size, sort by, search mode, delimiter, and layout mode).
Display product images
Web Site > General Behavior

You can decide to show/hide product images on your website. When the setting is setup to show images, you must configure the Product Thumbnail Sizes.

This setting affects all widgets except Catalog and Search Results. These widgets have a property in the designer to allow user to configure to Show/ Hide images and to select the image thumbnail size.

Cross-reference types for searching
Select the cross-reference types that will be included in the App Search index.  After changing this setting, the "Synchronize from ERP" must be executed for all products in the Products Module to update the information in the ERP Content and in App Search. Note: This setting must be synchronized on all sites that share the Products module.
Activate Elastic and App Search auto-synchronization
Automatic synchronization will keep Elastic and App Search up-to-date when data changes are made in the SmarterCommerce modules. If auto-synchronization is disabled, you must manually rebuild the index for the catalog and products after changes are made. Until synchronization occurs (either automatic or manual) your changes will be at the Sitefinity level only.  This may cause an issue where you see changes/updates in the Sitefinity backend, but you do not see them on the website frontend.


App Search Search Key
Catalog > App Search

Password used to search content in the App Search instance. This is a global setting that applies to all sites.

App Search Private Key
Catalog > App Search

Password used to insert/update/delete documents in the App Search instance. This is a global setting that applies to all sites.

App Search Engine Name
Catalog > App Search
App Search Engine Name
App Search Engine Languages
Catalog > App Search

Languages for which there will be an App Search engine to store product information. If the website will use multiple languages an App Search engine for each language must be created.

App Search endpoint URL
Catalog > App Search

Endpoint used in the App Search instance. This is a global setting that applies to all sites.

Catalog provider

Defines the website catalog provider. The options are:

  • Internal with App Search
  • Internal with Elasticsearch
  • External
Filter by assignments Attribute
Catalog > Product Filter Assignments
Catalog products can be filtered to show only those assigned to the customer. This is the attribute that is used to assign products to the customer.
  • Premier.Catalog

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