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Release 7.0

Product Search Box

scProductSearchBox sc-product-search-box
This control is frequently used on Top Bar section. It allows the web user to access the product search page by entering search criteria.
Cross Reference Type for Customer Product Number
Ecommerce > Settings
JD Edwards item cross reference type code representing customer item number.
Display product number
For CMS stores this is the product number that will be displayed upon entry and validation of a product. For Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) stores this is the product number shown in order and invoice history. This is also the product number that will be used throughout the Management Console. 
Show product number
Catalog > Product Listings
Defines if the product number is displayed on the website.
Enable preferences cookies
Web Site > Cookies
Enable preferences cookies (used to save web user preferences like page size, sort by, layout mode).
Display product images
Web Site > General Behavior
Determines if product images will be displayed or not.

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