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Release 7.0

Login Logout

This control is used to display login information and Login / Logout options.

Sample Views

1- Login
When the user is not logged in the Sign In option is available.
2- Logout
When the user is logged in the Sign Out option is available.
Display LoginLogout Option
Display or hide link to login/logout link.
Logout Landing Page
Required when Display Logout option is turned on. Defines the landing page URL used after a Logout process.
Notify web user when profile information is changed from website
Ecommerce > Settings
Determines if an email will be sent to the user when web account has changed from the website.
Membership provider name
Web Site

To manage users separated by site in Sitefinity, it is necessary to set up a Membership Provider for each site. Each website must be configured with the corresponding Membership Provider using this setting. The setting maintenance displays the membership providers that exist in Sitefinity. 

After creating the provider,  you must restart the application by modifying the Sitefinity web.config file or following the steps in the Sitefinity Documentation (

After the application restarts, you will see that the new provider is active.

Beginning with version 7.1 standard Sitefinity Site-Specific Users will be utilized to manage Membership Provider.  For more information click here

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