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Release 7.0


The error widget is used to display information on screen about the general errors. There are 4 views explained below.

Sample Views

1- Error
Error is displayed when there is an issue preventing the page from being displayed.  Analysis may be needed to determine the cause.
2- Access Denied License
Access Denied License will show when the attempted action is not licensed.  For example the user may try to access the Product Content page, but if the catalog license is not in place they will see this error message.
3- Access Denied
Access Denied is displayed when the user tries to complete an action without account authorization. For example if the user is attempting to place a quote, but they do not have permission they will see the Access Denied error.
4- Page Not Found
Page Not Found is displayed when the user tries to access a page that does not exist. Verify that the page has not been unpublished.

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