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Release 7.0



Before you begin using this document there are a couple terms that you should understand related to Sitefinity and SmarterCommerce CMS. The following information applies to SmarterCommerce CMS globally.

Widget Mode:
Widgets may have more than one mode in which to utilize the widget. Changing the widget mode can alter the configuration options available to you. For example, the Announcements widget has 4 modes. They are prompt, full list, floating, and compact.

Widget View:
Each widget may have multiple widget views which control how information is shown on rendered page. For example, the My Account widget has several views including Dashboard and Invoice History. When a user logs into the CMS and navigates to the My Account page the Dashboard is shown using the My Account widget Dashboard view. When the user clicks on Invoice History that information is rendered using the My Account widget Invoice History view. Views are utilized within the design of the SmarterCommerce CMS. You will not typically alter widget views.

Widget Properties Mapping Tab:
Each widget will come with a Mappings tab in the widget properties. Mappings are used to redirect users when certain actions are taken. Standard mappings will be defaulted in upon delivery. However, you may choose to alter the page mappings as needed for your site.

Widget Properties Template Tab:
Each widget will come with a Template tab in the widget properties. Templates are used when the web pages are rendered and contain colors, branding, static text, etc You will not typically change the templates used, but could as needed for your site.


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