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Release 7.0


scAnnouncements sc-announcement-list
This widget allows authenticated users to see general announcements in different modes. General Announcements are pieces of information that your company wants to pass along to your web users when they login to your site. 
Displays an icon count of unread announcements in a top bar view for authenticated users. User can click on this icon to view new announcements list and to navigate to the full list page. 
Max announcements to display
From all new announcements, display only first n announcements. Default will be 5 announcements.  If the value is set as 0 then all new announcements are displayed.
Displays the list of general announcements for authenticated web users. For each announcement the Title, Announcement Date, and Pending/Accept flag will be displayed. User can search, bookmark, and delete announcements. User my also filter by All, Unread, or Pending Acceptance. 

Sample Views

1- Full List
The view enables the user to see a listing of all general announcements.  The user can search, bookmark, and delete announcements.
2- Announcement Detail

When user selects an announcement, a popup is displayed with detailed information:

  • Title
  • HTML content.
  • Option to accept the announcement when the announcement was configured to require User acceptance.
  • Option to delete the announcement is always available.
  • Announcements that require acceptance can be deleted until the user accepts the announcement.
  • Announcements that do not require acceptance are marked as seen by the web user once they are displayed.
This view provides functionality to display a pop-up with new announcements that were configured in the Management Console with user acceptance required or prompt user. The popup is displayed as soon as the page is loaded and is for authenticated web users only.

Sample Views

1- Prompt
When the user logs in the new announcements are shown. If there is more than one announcement the “Next” button allows moving to the next announcement. 
Display announcements from last n days
Ecommerce > Settings

Indicates the number of days an announcement will be displayed past its published date. If 0 then all announcements will be displayed.

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