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Add User

To add a new user to your company workspace, press Create and complete the required fields shown below.  Once you have completed your edits press Save.  Once the new user has been saved communicate the user login name and temporary password provided to the user.  It is recommended that upon the creation of a new user that the Force password change at the next login is active to force the new user to change their password upon login for the first time.


The following roles are predefined and may be assigned to the users.

APPMGRManage all workspace settings
APPUSERBasic access - read only
COLLECTUSERAccess to create Virtual Terminal transactions
COLLECTMGRSame as COLLECTUSER plus Void/Refund capability 
RPTUERAccess the transactional reports only
SECOFRWorkspace security officer


Name Explanation
Username The name of the user in email address format.
Password A temporary password provided by you, recommended Force password change at next login be active to force new user to change their password upon login.
Email Address The email address associated to this user.
Allow change password

A flag that indicates if the user can change their password.  Possible values are: 

Checked User is allowed to change password

Not Checked User is not allowed to change password

Force Password Change at Next Login

A flag that indicates that the user must change their password at the next login.  Possible values are: 

Checked User must change password at next login 

Not Checked User is not required to change password at next login

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