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Style & Configuration

There are several features on the Hosted Payment page that you can maintain. Each is explained below. The configuration tab is available on the Invoice, JDE, and Order Hosted Pages.  In the configuration tab you can determine which payment methods are allowed and if discounts will be allowed.

Name Explanation
Colors The colors for various portions of the page can be configured and customized here.
Custom Font Type When a custom font is selected for use it will show here. Please note the font specified must be a web safe font.
Main Logo Type Define the main logo for the header section of the page using a URL or an image.
Footer Type

Define the footer section for the page.  Options are:

Any Content




Name Explanation
Available Payment Method

Payment options available when paying invoices using the Pay Invoice by Email process. Based on connection type the following will be available for selection:

PayPal Payment

Credit Card


Google Payment

Apple Payment

Venmo Payment

Discount Determines if discounts are considered by payment method.
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We bring together digital commerce, retail and call center channels with a united approach that leverages the power of onmi-channel while prioritizing JD Edwards connectivity.