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Allowed IP Addresses

This menu option allows you to control which IP addresses have permission to execute transactions through the Payment Processing Console Web Service. 

Please note the application is designed to support single IPV4 and IPV6 address. IPV6 address must be declared without the scope ID. CIDR notation is supported for IPV4 and IPV6 establishing the first valid direction and the mask. Mask must not exceed 1024 usable addresses.


Add New Allowed IP Address

To create a new permission click Create and enter the proper IP address into the field.  You will need to enter all the numbers even if it is a leading zero. For example, if the IP address is you will need to key Upon entry of the information click Save. The record will be saved and displayed within the listing. If you do not want to save the information click Close.

If you ever change the IP address of any of your machines you will need to remember to change them here as well.


Please note that deleting an allowed IP address will impact the ability for any application using that IP Address to communicate with the Payment Process Console and therefore the Gateway.


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