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Maintain User

To search for a specific user enter the appropriate search criteria and click Search. To maintain a specific user click the tile.  There are three tabs available for you to maintain/edit a user as explained below.


Environments Tab

To grant the user access to a specific environment simply check the box.  If the box is unchecked the user will not have access to that specific environment. You can grant a user access to specific Stores within an environment during add or edit by pressing the Store action as seen below.


Roles Tab

To grant the user a specific role simply check the box.  If the box is unchecked the user will not have the permissions associated to that role.

Name Explanation
Mailing Name The mailing name to be used for this user.
Email Address The email address associated to this user.
Password Last Changed The date and time the user's password was last changed.
Change Password When pressed this button will take you to a screen where you can update the password for the user.
Allow Change Password

A flag that indicates if the user can change his password.  Possible values are: 

Checked  user is allowed to change password

Not Checked user is not allowed to change password.

Force Password Change At Next Login

A flag that indicates if the user must change his password upon next login.  Possible values are: 

Checked The user must change the password on next login

Not Checked user will not be forced to change password

Account Locked Out

A flag that indicates if the user has been locked out.  Normally a user is locked out through repeated login attempt failures. Possible values are:

Checked  user has been locked out

Not Checked  user has not been locked out

Account Disabled

A flag that indicates if the user account has been disabled or is active. Possible values are:

Checked  user is disabled and cannot access the system

Not Checked  user is active and can access the system

Last Locked Out On The date and time the account was last locked out.
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