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Release 7.0

Sales Person Customers

scSalesPersonCustomers sc-sales-person-customers

This widget allows a sales person web account to decide if he wants to pay invoices for himself or pay invoices on behalf of one of his customers.  When the salesperson is an executive salesperson they can also search for and add new customers to work with.

Once the salesperson selects an associated client from the listing they will see that customer's Ecommerce account. When working on behalf of an associated client the salesperson will be able to see and perform all functions that the client would be able to.  Please note that no matter which associated client the salesperson selects the web account privileges and security setup within the Management Console for the salesperson will be obeyed.


Sample Views

1- Sales Person Customers

When a sales person logs in they will see a listing of their associated customers. If the customer has an active cart they will see the Has Shopping Cart icon. The listing can be sorted by any of the available fields.  If the sales person is an executive sales person they may also relate new customers to their account.

2- Associate Customer Modal
When an executive sales person chooses to associate a new customer to their account this modal will help them choose the correct record(s).
3- Work On Behalf Modal
When a sales person logs into the (CMS) web site they may choose to work on behalf of a client or (with permission) on behalf of themselves.  If the sales person choose to work on behalf of a customer they will also be able to choose if the cart should merge and/or if they want to choose different contact to work with. When a sales person logs into an Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) site they may choose which client to pay invoices on behalf of.
4- Work On Behalf Modal - Select Contact
If the sales person choose to work on behalf of a client, but wants to use a different contact the screen will display the contacts related to that client.  Here, the sales person can choose the contact to use.
Display only contacts with web account
Defines whether or not the application will filter contacts that are displayed when the Sales Person selects to work with a company customer.
Allowed Countries
Profile > Settings
Allows you to set those countries which are restricted/allowed.
Contact Type restriction
Profile > Setting
Who’s Who Contact Type Codes can restrict the display of Contacts within My Account on the web site.

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