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Release 7.0

Payment History

scPaymentHistory sc-payment-history
This control enables the user to search invoice payments.

Sample Views

1- Empty State
When there are no payments to display the user will see the following.
2- Payment History
Payment history records may be sorted by any available field. Additionally, the Payment ID hyperlink may be used to review the payment details.
3- Payment History Advanced Filter
As needed the user may enter additional filter information to search payment history. 
4- Paid Documents Modal
For each payment the Paid Documents action may be pressed to display the detailed information. 
Allow Foreign Transactions
Sales > Settings

Determines if orders can be recorded in a currency other than the base currency of the company. Possible Options are:

  • Yes - Allow and display foreign currency. For customers currency will pull from the customer master.  For consumers the currency will pull from the default customer assigned in the Management Console.
  • No - Do not allow or display foreign currency
Decimal Places to Display Totals
Sales > Settings
Determines how many decimal places are displayed for totals.
Store Companies
Profile > Account Receivable
Companies for which information on the site will be displayed. Recent orders, Recent invoices, etc will display information from all the store companies defined here. The exception is the Account Balance element that will display information from company 00000.
Invoice Document Restrictions
Profile > Account Receivable
Limits the invoice types to display in Invoice History and Invoice Payments.
View Invoice History
If web user does not have permission to View Invoice History then the user is redirected to an internal error page where an error message is displayed. (“You are not authorized to execute this action”).

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