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Freight Rates Based on Customer Group

Scenario - Freight Rates Based on Customer Group

First, setup the customer group you want to use in the Freight Zones to control freight pricing.  You can find more information on standard JDE Advanced pricing by visiting In this example we will use the customer group as defined below.

Now, navigate to the Management Console and enter the customer group into the setting as seen below for Base store. If you do not have Management Console you can also update this setting manually by using SmarterCommerce Constants (PQ670004) application.

Once the Freight Customer Group is setup in the Management Console you will be able to define freight zones by the group variables (in this case our group uses Address Book Category Codes 13 & 14) as seen below.

Now, configure customers so that if they should receive the pricing configured for freight by customer group they have the correct AC13/AC14 value(s).  In the example below the customer has RET in AC13 and BLANK in AC14 so that they will qualify for the zones as setup above.

Now, verify that the customer gets rates based on the customer group. If you examine the details you can see that the customer group was picked up.

Finally, verify that a customer that does not belong to the customer group is not eligible for the zones assigned to that customer group.

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