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Freight Promotion Restrictions

From the Freight Promotions Revisions form use the form exits to enter any restrictions.

If no restrictions are defined for a freight promotion the promotion applies to all orders with no restriction. However, once a category of restriction is defined the promotion will only apply to the values entered within the restrictions form for that restriction category. 

For example a freight promotion code for free shipping on purchases where quantity is over 10 only for shipments within the United States (US) would require US defined within the country restrictions.  If, for example, the promotion was to apply to the US and Canada, then the Canada country code would need to be defined in the restrictions list as well.  Also, since there are no other restriction categories defined for this promotion code, the promotion will apply to all, i.e. Order types, customer groups, item groups, etc.

All freight promotion restrictions are defined in the same manner and are defined inclusively except for the Item/Item Group restrictions.  These may be defined as inclusive or exclusive.  To define an item/item group restriction you will need to define an accumulation rule that will determine whether the item/item groups defined are inclusive or exclusive. To define an item/item group restriction select Restrict Item Group from the Freight Promotion Revisions form. From the Freight Promotion Item Restrictions form setup the item restriction.  You may define the restriction for a specific item, or for an item group.

The accumulation rule uses the standard JD Edwards Advanced Pricing Basket Accumulation Rule Definition user defined code table (45/BA).

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