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Freight Promotion Codes

The SmarterCommerce marketing promotion codes module integrates with the SmarterCommerce Freight Management solution allowing you to offer shipping discounts to your customers. Freight promotion codes are available only when using our Freight Management solution. 

Freight promotion codes are user defined codes that allow you to offer promotional discounts on the shipping rates of an order.  They may be defined based on the quantity, weight or monetary value of the order. For example, you may want to offer free shipping on all orders over $200. Additionally, you may want to restrict the promotion to a certain sales channel, family of products or a certain geographical region. For example, the free shipping offer above on orders over $200 will only apply on orders placed via the web which are being shipped anywhere within the USA.   

Freight promotion codes provide you with the ability to offer your customers shipping discounts that make business sense by allowing you to restrict the promotions accordingly. Freight promotion codes may be restricted based on the following:


Order Type




Method of Transportation

Customer Group

Item Group


Freight promotion codes are configured within the Freight Promotions application (PQ67422) which provides for the setup of the promotion detail as well as any relevant restrictions. 



 Once a freight promotion code is setup in the Freight Promotions application a marketing promotion code will need to be defined in the Marketing Promotions application applying the freight promotion code to it in order to associate it to an order.  A freight promotion code may be one element defined of a broader marketing promotion code or may be the only element defined within a marketing promotion code.

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