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Free Freight - Ground Only

Scenario - Free Freight when the order total is greater than (or equal to) $100, but only ground.

First, make sure that you have zones setup for the customer.  In our scenario we will have ground, next day and second day as seen below.  However, in our scenario even though the zones exist free freight will only be available for ground.

Now, define a Freight Promotion. In this case we have defined the promotion to accumulate the order regardless of ship to.  That means that in this scenario if there are multiple ship to's on the order that will not impact how the order is summed when considered for free freight.

Go to the details of the freight promotion and enter the details as follows:

From level - enter $100 so that when the sum of the order totals $100 or more this line will apply.

Factor Value - when using a percent calculation this number will be positive.  In our example 100.

Percent or Amount - enter 0 for percent. This means that when combined with the factor value the discount will be 100% of the freight charge.

Cur Code - in our example USD

Now, add the restriction so that the freight promotion will only apply when ground service is selected.

Then, make sure that the freight promotion is associated to a marketing code.

Lastly, enter a test order(s) and apply the marketing code to see the freight promotion applies only when the order is great than (or equal to)  $100 and the ground method is selected.

As you can see below the marketing code is present, but the order total is not greater than (o equal to) $100 so the freight promotion is not applied.

However, once the total is greater than (or equal to) $100 the freight promo is applied properly on the ground shipping method. If you review the details you can choose another shipping method, but the free freight promotion will not apply.

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