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Maintain a Call

This form allows you to edit an existing customer/consumer call.


Call Comments

You can add unlimited comments associated to call.  Comments are date and time stamped.

Name Explanation
Call Number Unique next number assigned to call.
Customer The Address Book Customer Number or SmarterCommerce Consumer Number call is related to.  
Call Type A user defined code (59/MT) that identifies the origin and purpose of call.
Contact Person Address Book Customer Contact or SmarterCommerce Consumer Contact call is placed by.
Call Subject General description regarding call, subject entered cannot exceed 100 characters.
Call UDCs One of five user defined classification codes that a user can assign to the call header for grouping purposes.
Call Flags One of five user defined Y/N flag fields that can be utilized to define any On or Off representation.
Call User Dates One of four user defined dates that a user can assign to the call header for purposes of tracking.
Related Call Number Relates current call to a previously recorded call number in the call management database.
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