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Processing Options - Call Tasks - P59CM22 or PQ67CM22

The call tasks application is utilized to assign and manage tasks needing completion by internal employees (JD Edwards users).  Task assignment is based on JD Edwards employee address book number.  Users may create different versions of application to assign specific users for task review and assign version to user menu filtering user tasks by employee address book number.

Name Explanation
Default Task Type

Default Task Type << default upon creation of a new call task

*Leave Blank to not default task type

Display Mode

0 = Open Tasks Only

1 = Open and Closed Tasks

Note: 99 in UDC (59/MS) represents closed status. (Hard Coded)

Default Employee Default Employee Number << used to filter tasks can be left Blank
Default Task Status <<

Default Task Status << defaults during creation of a new call task

*Leave Blank to not default task status

Name Explanation
Address Book Search

The version Address Book Master Search (P0101S) used on the Task Detail form.

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