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Call Management Processing Flow

During the call management flow, JD Edwards users can link inbound phone calls to a specific address book customer or SmarterCommerce consumer.  When you enter call information for a customer or consumer, one can relate that information to a specific set of products or sales order while additionally creating follow-up tasks that can be executed by users within your organization.

The following illustrates this process. 

  1. Customer or consumer calls into the call center to speak with a Customer Service Representative

  2. JD Edwards user searches history of calls placed by customer or consumer

  3. User adds new call for customer/consumer detailing call notes

  4. User references products of concern or related original sales order to call notes

  5. User assigns task as a follow-up with customer

  6. User follows up and closes open task

Bring It All Together

We bring together digital commerce, retail and call center channels with a united approach that leverages the power of onmi-channel while prioritizing JD Edwards connectivity.