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Step 2

Now, enter the detail lines for the sales order.  Once all details lines have been added you can either press the Shipping Instructions button to enter shipping related information or press End Order to proceed to the Payments tab.

Name Explanation
Order Summary A running order summary as each order detail line is processed.
Ship To Customer Current order detail line ship to address information.
Override Button Allows user to override the ship to address information for this order.  Override ship to address will apply to entire order.
Flash Message

A user defined code (00/CM) that displays information about a customer. Examples:

   1   Over credit limit   or   2   Requires purchase order

Picture Button Display item image attachment.  Set focus on an order detail line for image to display.
More Button Display item text attachment.  Set focus on an order detail line for text to display.
Freight Button Allows you to select a different Carrier / Mode of Transportation combination as allowed within the Freight Management tables.  See below.
Qty/Date Available Item quantity available for sale within the selected business unit.  If the item is in backorder, the date displayed is based on supply/demand rules.
Order Weight A running order weight total as each order detail line is processed.
Marketing Code A 30-position field representing the event you wish to track.  Refer to Marketing Code guide for setup of marketing codes.
Default Ship To The default ship to address number for new order detail lines being added.
Line Availability Tab Displays summary availability for an item.
Free Goods Tab Displays any free good associated to the order.
Line Defaults Tab Allows you to enter data that will default into any grid item added.
Check Availability Button Displays availability for the grid row selected.
Cancel Line Button Cancels the grid row selected.
Check Price Allows you to check what the price of an item would be given specific parameters.
Price History Shows how the price was calculated for the grid row selected.
Kit/Configurator Shows kit items associated to the grid row selected where you can choose which components are wanted.
Cross Reference Displays cross reference items for the grid row selected. Selected items will be entered into the grid.

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