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Step 1

Step 1

Select a customer/consumer.  Once customer/consumer is selected various data fields will populate.  If you need to add or change information regarding the customer/consumer selected you may press the Add/Change Customer Information button.  You may also edit the sales order header by pressing the Edit Full Header button. Once the customer/consumer has been selected press Customer Info is OK.

Name Explanation
Customer Number

Rapid retrieval of a customer number.  Search of customer number can be executed by placing any of the following and tabbing out of the field:

Company bill-to name

Company ship-to name

Company contact name

Phone number (for phone number searches the number must be preceded by the # (hash mark) symbol)

Postal code (for postal code searches the code must be preceded by the / (slash) symbol)

Long address book number (for long address book number searches the number must be preceded by the * (asterisk) symbol)

Email (for email searches the email must be preceded by the @ (at sign) symbol)

Ordered By Person placing order on behalf of customer
Ship To Allowed ship to addresses based on parent/child relationships established by customer.  Refer to address master related address tab.
Open Credit Limit

Variable field dependent on processing option.

Balance display options are:

0 or Blank = Do NOT Display

1 = Display Open A/R Balance

2 = Display Open A/R Only if Credit Balance

3 = Display Open Credit Limit

Customer Information Bill-to full address.
Telephone Number Display Variable fields depend on processing options #1, #2 and #3 within the ESOM tab.
URL/Email The e-mail address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for either an individual or an entity.
Flash Message

A user defined code (00/CM) that displays information about a customer. Examples:

1.Over credit limit

2.Requires purchase order

Message Additional text attachment to the customer address book record.

Bring It All Together

We bring together digital commerce, retail and call center channels with a united approach that leverages the power of onmi-channel while prioritizing JD Edwards connectivity.