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Record Prepayment Transactions in Financial System

The SmarterCommerce Call Center applications utilize the JD Edwards Automatic Receipts Processing functionality to record settled credit card payments, checks, cash and other forms of prepayment against recorded invoices in the JD Edwards Accounts Receivable file. The SmarterCommerce Payment Post Report (RQ6704203) records prepayments in the JD Edwards Electronic Receipts File (F03B13Z1) and executes the JD Edwards Update Receipts Register Report (R03B551). You may refer to JD Edwards Accounts Receivable guide section titled ‘Automatic Receipts Processing’ for further explanation regarding the JD Edwards Automatic Receipts Processing functionality.

The SmarterCommerce Payment Post Report should occur after the sales order update.  This will ensure that invoices have been posted into the Accounts Receivable system prior to applying the prepayment.


Review and appropriately define the processing options of the each version selected to be utilized in the Execution List Sequence.

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