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Processing Options - Refresh Call Center Search Table - RQ673012

Batch Process Settings
Name Explanation
Enter the Telephone Type that you defined as primary
Indicates a telephone number type for Customer or Consumer. (defined code (01/PH))Valid values include:
Blank= Business telephone number
FAX = Fax telephone number
HOM = Home telephone number
Alpha Name Field Synchronization

0 or Blank = Alpha Name will be fetched from Who's Who File for each Contact ID.

1 = Alpha Name will be fetched from Address Book File for all Contact ID line.

URL/Email field Retrival and Update URL/Email field:
0 or Blank = Utilize REM1 (Remark) in Who's Who
1 = Utilize EMAL
Process Mode Blank = Full Regeneration
1 = Net Changes
Prior Days Prior Days (only if Net Change has been selected)

Enter the number of days prior to the current date that the system uses to determine which records to be included in the Customer Search table. The system uses the Date Account Opened (DAOJ) from the Customer Master table (F03012) when selecting records.
* If left Blank, the system only select customers that have been created in the current date
Name Explanation
Input version for external calls (Used in POS to obtain processing option values of version)

* Leave as Blank value
Interactive Application Settings
Name Explanation
Do not display customers within search table and disable customer add button Blank = No action taken1 = Hide customers and disable add button
Do not display consumers within search table and disable consumer add button Blank = no action taken1 = Hide consumers and disable add button
Disable prospect search Blank = No action taken1 = Disable prospect search
Name Explanation
Consumer Consumer Master (PQ670302).
If left Blank, version ZJDE0001 will be used.
Customer Customer Master (PQ670112).
If left Blank, version ZJDE0001 will be used

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