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When you are on your website and you want to navigate from one page to the next you use a mapping to tell the system how to move from point A to point B. Each SmarterCommmerce widget will have mapping section that will have default page URL settings. These defaults create the flow that allow the website to function. All page URL mappings come pre-defined from the SmarterCommerce.  However, but can copy existing mappings* and you can also modify the mapping to be used specifically at the widget level if desired.




*Please note - When the Copy Mappings button is pressed a dialog is opened that allows you to choose to which websites you want to copy your current mapping configuration. With the condition that if the other website has mappings configured it will overwrite them because what you are doing is copying the entire configuration of the current mappings. Also, as a requirement is necessary that the structure of the pages or patch of the URL are equal to the mappings that will copy its configuration; otherwise, it will not assign any page to the mapping that does not comply the above criteria. Besides, the Copy Mapping button will only appear if more than one website is configured.

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