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Creating Finder Step(s)

Once the Finder record is created you may now create the individual steps or questions the Finder will contain. The steps/questions are important because each step/question completed by the user narrows the search for the product they are looking for.  From the Finder index press New Step to begin. Once the information has been entered as described below you may choose to Publish or Save as Draft.

Name Explanation
Name A name for the step. The step name will appear on the site for the user to read.
Question The question that correlates to a given step.  The idea is that by answering this question you can limit products based on either catalog or attribute.
Description This value is the description for the step. 
Progress As the user moves through the Finder they advance towards completion.  For each step, you can identify the progress made by completing the step.
Display Products A toggle that can be used to show or hide products at any given step in the Finder.  Typically, you will want to show the products at least on the final step, but you may choose to show the products at other times as well.
Attribute If the Finder is based on attribute then for each step you must choose the attribute that will be used to filter for that step/question.

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