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CMS Management

Creating a New Catalog

From SmarterCommerce|Catalog Management|Catalog press Create a Catalog. Once the information is entered as described below you may choose to Save as Draft or Publish.


Name Explanation
Catalog ID An identifier for the catalog. Internal use only.
Name Name of the catalog displayed on your website.
Image An image of the product that will be displayed on your website in the catalog.
Page A specific page to be used with this catalog.
Sequence Catalog display sequence.
Name Explanation
Retrieve Nested Items Option to display nodes or items.
Configure On Each Category Node

Option to allow the user to set showing nodes or items at the catalog node level.

Starting at Level Determines which level of the catalog to show items from. All levels before this will show nodes.
Attribute Filters

Shows filters on all nodes if turned on. If off the filters are shown only on the product listing node.

Navigation Links

Used to create additional quick links that are used for navigation on the website.

Branch Plants
Name Explanation
Branch Plants

Add branch plants to the catalog for filtering options.

Filter Products by Branch Plant Mode

You can filter products based on the customer or catalog. 

HTML Content
Name Explanation
HTML Content Section

Content displayed on the website on the catalog and navigation. Independent content can be created in the HTML editor for the various content sections. This cannot be shared amongst other catalogs/nodes.


Content can be used from the promotional content setup for the catalog.

Search Engine Optimization
Name Explanation
Title for Search Engines Title for search engine metadata.
Description Description for search engine metadata.
Keywords Used for search indexes.
More Options
Name Explanation
URL The URL for the page.  Can be edited to make more friendly.

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