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Sales Order with Non-Taxable Detail Line

Avalara AvaTax will respect the taxable/non-taxable flag on order detail lines.  The taxable flag may be set within the item branch record or maybe overwritten during sales order entry. This example will be demonstrated using the P4210 Order Entry application.


Step 1

Enter sales order noting the taxable flag on each order detail line. Taxable flag will default into the order line from the item branch record.  However, you may edit as needed (based on security).  Once all detail items have been added press OK to be redirected to the Order Acceptance screen.

Step 2

The tax rate and amount will be returned by Avalara AvaTax.  Notice that the taxable flag for each detail line has carried over and that the tax calculated is based on the taxable amount. If satisfied you are ready to place order.  The sales order will be recorded for further processing.

Step 3

Continue to process the order through to Invoice Print (R42565).   

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