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Sales Order in Foreign Currency

Avalara AvaTax offers tax calculations and tracking typically in US Dollar and Canadian Dollar only.  However, our integration will perform logic that will allow you to process foreign currency orders when Avalara AvaTax is active.  If the multi-currency setting in JD Edwards is to 'Y' or 'Z' the company base currency will be used.  If JD Edwards multi-currency is not configured the currency in constant ATDOMCURR will be used. This example will be demonstrated using the P4210 Order Entry application.


Step 1

Enter sales order, note the base currency for the order. Continue to add items to the order verifying tax-related fields, to execute Avalara AvaTax Get Tax calculation, set the Tax Rate/Area field of the order lines equal to the value defined in ATTAXAREAC constant. A tax rate/area set to <blank> or any value other than the value found in constant will bypass call to Avalara AvaTax Get Tax calculation. Once all detail lines have been entered press OK. The Order Acceptance screen will be presented.


Step 2

The Avalara AvaTax integration will calculate the tax passing the base currency for the order, the tax amount returned by AvaTax will then be converted to the transaction currency found on the order (based on JD Edwards conversion rate tables) and display on the screen in the foreign currency. This conversion is for display purposes only as all tax amount written to Avalara AvaTax will be in company base currency. If satisfied place order to record the sale.


Step 3

If desired, inquire on the order and use the Online Invoice row exit to review the tax amount calculated.  Notice that tax is converted for display purposes only.

Step 4

Continue to process the order through to Invoice Print (R42565). 


By default Avalara AvaTax integration is valid for domestic USA and Canada addresses only.  If the country is outside the USA or Canada and Avalara AvaTax integration is desired contact your Avalara customer account manager and purchase Global Services.  Once Global Services have been provisioned onto your account you will see the additional countries in your Nexus Jurisdictions.  Note:  Although Global Services will allow for international tax calculation, it does not enable address validation for these countries. Currently Avalara validates addresses ONLY for USA and Canada.  In addition, update User Defined Code (UDC) 59 / AT within JD Edwards setting eligible AvaTax calculation countries.


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