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Invoice Processing and Sales Update Report

To process an Invoice and Sales Update report with Avalara AvaTax Get Tax Calculation complete the following steps.  First, ensure that the sales order detail lines have a tax area equal to the value defined in ATTAXAREAC constant. Then, when the Sales Order is placed all lines of the order are submitted in a single transaction. AvaTax will apply all tax rules to all lines in the document. The tax calculation is done by Get Tax by document and will result in a single document or transaction for all the lines of the order.


Step 1

Execute the Invoice Print (R42565) UBE for the order(s). When executing Get Tax the calculation of taxes for each line of the order is inserted in the table of Work File FQ67AT12.

Step 2

The tax calculation of each line of the order is inserted in the FQ67AT12.


Step 3

Execute the Sales Update (R42800) UBE for the order(s). The tax information for each line of the order is obtained from the records of the FQ67AT12, so as not to calculate them again.

Step 4

In the Invoice report (R42565), when execute Get Tax returns the Taxes Authorities for the customer and insert these records on FQ67AT11.

Step 5

If desired, to review the taxes information go to Work with AvaTax Header Transactions (PQ67AT01) application to review the invoice transaction.

Step 6

If desired, login to the Avalara AvaTax Administrator Console account to confirm the tax for the transaction.

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