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Direct Ship Sales Order

An order where the items are shipped straight from the supplier to the customer is called a direct ship order.  Direct ship orders work very much like standard orders except that the origination address that is validated is not your warehouse address, but rather the supplier's address. When the Line Type of the order line(s) is configured in P40205 (Work with Line Type) with “Generate Purchase Order” checked the system interprets this as a supplier's address.


Step 1

Enter sales order using the line type with check “Generate Purchase Order”. Notice that the supplier address book number is populated. Continue to add items to the order verifying tax related fields, to execute Avalara AvaTax Get Tax calculation, set the Tax Rate/Area field of the order lines equal to the value defined in ATTAXAREAC constant. A tax rate/area set to <blank> or any value other than value found in constant will bypass call to Avalara AvaTax Get Tax calculation. Once all detail lines have been entered press OK. The Order Acceptance screen will be presented.


Step 2

The tax rate and amount will be returned by Avalara AvaTax. Remember the address validation for origination will use the supplier's address found in the Supplier Address Override table for Override Type BLANK or '1' and if an override is not found within Supplier Address Override table then the supplier's address will be retrieved from the address book for line type with check “Generate Purchase Order” of order lines. If satisfied you may place the order.  The sales order will be recorded for further processing.


Step 3

If desired, inquire on the order and use the Online Invoice row exit to review the tax amount calculated.

Step 4

Continue to process the order through to Invoice Print (R42565). 

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