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Avalara AvaTax Errors

Every time that GETTAX, POSTTAX or COMMITTAX functions are called and Avalara AvaTax is engaged, an error could be returned. All errors will be handled and reported back to you either interactively in the applications or as an error message on report (UBE) results. To facilitate error handling every time a function is called and returns in error a record is recorded in table FQ67ATE1. Then, each object involved in the Avalara AvaTax integration will search this table, and if an error is found it will be reported back to the screen/report and the process will be stopped as needed.  Below are some examples of this error handling.

Order Acceptance (P42232)

If an error is received back from Avalara AvaTax while you are in an interactive version (application) the message will be displayed on screen.  Many times, errors must be addressed and resolved before one can continue.

Print Invoices (R42565)

During the POSTTAX function (called from R42565) communication errors can occur which could leave an order partially posted or uncommitted in Avalara AvaTax. This is not ideal.  Therefore, in the event an error is encountered during Print Invoice (R42565) that hinders the invoice tax posting process the Sales Order will be placed on hold according to the ATHOLDCODE constant. This will ensure the order is not processed by the R42800 until the error is resolved.  In addition, to help you identify that this has occurred an error will be reported on the report (UBE) output like the following.

Resolving AvaTax Errors Encountered During R42565

As a cloud based solution there is possibility of a disconnection event. When this happens some of the invoices being processed could be affected and not show taxes on the invoice pdf.  Even in the event of a disconnect JDE completes the invoice process.  This means the sales order records will move completely through the sales update (R42800) process.

When records do not get taxes from Avalara during the regular invoice process (R42565) they will be placed on "AT" hold. Then using a version of the Invoice Print (R42565) UBE setup to reprocess invoices all "AT" hold records will be selected to get taxes and generate a corrected invoice PDF for the customer. During this process the line status(es) will remain the same, tax invoice records will be written to AvaTax Header (PQ67AT01), and the hold code automatically released. 


Before attempting to reprocess invoices please confirm the following:

1. ATHOLDCODE must be configured in PQ670004

2. Add AT hold code for your sales order branch plant (P42090)

3. Create a new version of R42565 to be used for reprocessing and verify the default tab and SC process tab are set as seen below

4. Validate that your data selection is aligned with the processing option related to range status code from-to


Sales Update (R42800)

Once a record encounters an error and is placed on hold the Sales Update Report (R42800) will not process the order. For orders that are allowed to process if an error is encountered the Sales Update (R42800) will report an error as well.


Common Avalara AvaTax Errors

Below is a listing of common errors that may be received when the SmarterCommerce engine attempts to GetTax (SO Entry, Pix Tix, and/or Bill of Lading), PostTax (Invoice) or CommitTax (Sales Order Update).






Company not found

Company not found. Verify the CompanyCode. An unknown CompanyCode was specified. All companies must be configured using the Admin console.


DocStatus is invalid for this operation

GetTax expects the document to not exist or the DocStatus to be Saved. PostTax expects the DocStatus to be Saved. CommitTax expects the DocStatus to be Posted.


DocType is invalid. An unsupported document type was specified

It must be SalesOrder, SalesInvoice, PurchaseOrder, PurchaseInvoice, ReturnOrder, ReturnInvoice


The tax document could not be found

The tax document specified could not be found

NoNexus not supported for this transaction type

NoNexus not supported for this transaction type

Digital goods sales in the EU have specific nexus requirements. Please refer to the help center for further detail


Invalid or missing state/province code

The two-digit state code was not specified or was invalid


Unknown country name or code

The country name or code was not recognized


Address is incomplete or invalid

An incomplete or invalid origin or destination address was given. RefersTo indicates which. A taxable address must include a (line, city, and region (state)) or a (line and zip) or a (region (state) and postal code


Document was posted, but is out of balance

A document was posted in which the specified TotalAmount or TaxAmount did not match the saved document. This is just a warning. The document was posted


Unable to determine the taxing jurisdictions

Unable to determine the taxing jurisdictions


The address number is out of range

The address was found but the street number in the input address was not between the low and high range of the post office database


Tax operations not allowed for an inactive company

Company Code is set to inactive


Duplicate line number

One or more line numbers are duplicates. All line numbers must be unique within the document


The TaxRegionId was not found



Tax override cannot be applied



Unable to validate the address



Insufficient address information

You must specify at least Line/ZIP, or Line/City/State


Invalid ZIP/Postal Code

The ZIP/Postal Code does not exist and could not be determined by the city/municipality and state/province


Country not supported

Address Validation for this country not supported


Start Date cannot be later than the End Date

An invalid date range was specified. RefersTo indicates the property


Required element is missing

A required property was not provided. RefersTo indicates which property. This value must be specified


This is a duplicate of an existing unique element and cannot be saved

Please verify the element is unique


MaxCount limit exceeded. Please use filters to limit the result set

15000 invoice lines is the current limit



 For more information on common Avalara AvaTax errors please visit the Avalara website.

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