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Purchase Order with Non-Taxable Detail Line

Avalara AvaTax will respect the taxable/non-taxable flag on purchase order detail lines.  The taxable flag may be set within the item branch record or may be overwritten during purchase order entry.

Step 1

Enter purchase order noting the taxable flag on each order detail line. Taxable flag will default into the order line from the item branch record.  However, you may edit as needed (based on security).  Once all detail items have been added press OK to be redirected to the Order Acceptance screen.

Step 2

The tax rate and amount will be returned by Avalara AvaTax and may be reviewed by using the Row exit Order Summary. Please note if all line on the purchase order are non-taxable N/A will appear in the taxing fields.

Step 3

Continue to process the order through to voucher match. Ensure that the Tax column is visible during voucher match so that you may enter the actual tax based on the supplier's invoice.  

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