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Processing Accounts Receivable Invoices

The graphic below will illustrate how manual Accounts Receivable invoice information flows when Avalara AvaTax is integrated with SmarterCommerce. Please note that tax is calculated for display purposes at each of the following touch points. Speed or Standard Invoice Entry - permanent order document created during manual invoicing committed to Avalara AvaTax history.

By default the Avalara AvaTax Connector is valid for domestic USA and Canada addresses only.  If the country is outside the USA or Canada and Avalara AvaTax integration is desired contact your Avalara customer account manager and purchase Global Services.  Once Global Services have been provisioned onto your account you will see the additional countries in your Nexus Jurisdictions.  Note: Although Global Services will allow for international tax calculation, it does not enable address validation for these countries. Currently Avalara functionality validates addresses ONLY for USA and Canada.  In additional, update User Defined Code (UDC) 59 / AT within JD Edwards setting for eligible AvaTax calculation countries.

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