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Sales Order Address Override

When an edit to a ship-to address is made in the Sales Order Entry Address Override (P4006) application the address validation service will attempt to verify the address is complete and error-free, only if Validate Address Service is active based on UDC Definitions within UDC 59 / AC - Address Country Validation. If any portion of the ship-to address in order address override is invalid an error will be displayed on the Order Acceptance screen. This error must be corrected or Validate Address Service must be skipped before you can place the order.

Note: Depending on the paper Enhancements applied when the address is not validated may return a Warning or Error Message.

Step 1

Enter sales order, override ship to address using the Order Address form exit. Once all order information has been entered press OK until Order Acceptance screen is presented. Please note that based on the constant ATLATITUDE the latitude and longitude may be considered.

Step 2

If no errors are encountered proceed to step 5 below; if an error is encountered you will receive an error message indicating the issue.  In the middle of the screen, the Avalara AvaTax Message will be displayed providing further details on the issue encountered.

 Step 3

You must revise the order before it can be placed.  To correct the issue press Revise Order.


Step 4

On the Sales Order Detail Revisions screen use the Order Address form exit to revise the address. Please note if the sales order has order lines where next status falls between constants ATNXTFROM and ATNXTTHRU the address will not be available for editing. Once the ship to address has been corrected press OK.


Step 5

If coming from step 4 above, press the OK button to be returned to the Order Acceptance screen.

Once no error appears and the tax rate and amount returned by Avalara AvaTax Tax Calculation are displayed you are ready to place the order.

Step 6

Continue to process the order through to Invoice Print (R42565).  Be sure to review the output for this UBE to ensure no errors were reported pertaining to Avalara AvaTax.


Step 7

If desired, login to the Avalara AvaTax Administrator Console account to confirm the tax for the transaction that has been recorded.  Please note that the tax amount is not recorded in Avalara AvaTax until the order is invoiced (R42565) in JD Edwards.



Please note that address corrections performed using this method are only valid for the present order (address override) and do not update the customer's address on their address book record. To change the address book record you must exit the order, edit the address, and then begin the order again.

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