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Maintaining Addresses with Orders in Process

If the ship-to address associated to the sales order changes between the moments an order is placed and when it is processed by the Sales Order Update (R42800) the tax calculated at order entry may differ from posted tax in AvaTax.  During sales order entry the sales tax is estimated using a temporary AvaTax DocType of SalesOrder or ReturnOrder passing the origin (address associated to source branch plant) and destination (ship to address) address on file at that moment, but once the order is invoiced a permanent transaction is recorded to AvaTax using a DocType of SalesInvoice or ReturnInvoice passing updated addresses now in existence to origin and destination addresses.

This difference in tax calculations caused by updating addresses could be confusing not only for your employees, but also for the customer.  To prevent this scenario the integration will perform a check to ensure that no open orders for the customer exist before allowing the address fields to be updated.  This functionality is demonstrated below.


Step 1

Go to Address Book Maintenance application and view the address for a customer. Once verified close the application.


Step 2

Go to Sales Order Entry application and place an order for the customer. Move order line next status to fall between status limits for address validation set in the constants.


Step 3

Return to Address Book Maintenance application and attempt to edit the address for the customer. Notice that all address fields are locked and cannot be edited. This is because logic has been added to disallow address maintenance when there are open sales orders (F4211.SDSHAN) for the ship to. The system considers an order open if the next status falls between the values set in constants ATNXTFROM and ATNXTTHRU.

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