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Address Validation Service

Address validation is a service that will pass the address line 1, address line 2, address line 3, City, State, postal (zip) code, and Country from the JD Edwards Address Book (P01012) or Sales Order Ship To Address Override (P4006) to the Avalara AvaTax Validate Address Service for the express purpose of verifying and normalizing the address.  No tax calculations are performed during address validation.

Calling Validate Address with at a minimum of 3 elements of an address (required) for example; line 1, 2, and/or 3 of the street address, the City, and the State, will produce several outcomes:

If the validation is successful, a “normalized” address is returned. For example;  

900 winslow way, bainbridge island, 98110…will return  

900 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110-2450


If the validation is unsuccessful an error message will be returned with some indication of why it failed. For example;

Validate ResultCode is: Error 

AddressRangeError: The address number is out of range


Typical scenarios that result in errors are:

Missing address information (e.g. zip code),

Abbreviations that do not conform to USPS standards (e.g. Bvrd vs. BLVD, or wash vs. WA, suite vs. ste, etc.).

Street Address out of range (e.g. 100 main street vs. 110 Main Street).

In the scenario that an error persists and address appears to be correct in JD Edwards and user desires to bypass address validation service error enter the term "General Delivery" on any available line (address line 1, address line 2 or address line 3) and street address validation will be skipped. 


Avatax Validate Address in F0116 Report (RQ67AT01)

When this report is executed all addresses in the Address by Date (F0116) table will be evaluated and normalized.  If normalization occurs without issue the F0116 is updated.  If an error is encountered the error will be displayed on the report output.  Please note that address records containing GENERAL DELIVERY in address 1, 2, or 3 will be bypassed by this report and are not subject to normalization.



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