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Tax Provider Connections

Tax Provider Connections are used to configure connections details to the tax provider network. Multi-Environment support: a different connection can be defined for each JDE Environment.

Name Explanation
Provider Type (required) – The target Tax provider Network (e.g AvaTax)
Connection Name (required) – A unique name defined by the company that describes the purpose of the connection (e.g. AvaTaxTest – used for test transactions.)
Transaction Mode (required) - This setting determines if you are submitting test transactions or live transactions.  
Account Number (optional) – The case-sensitive account number defined at tax network registration.
License Key (optional) – The case-sensitive license key defined at tax network registration.
Username (optional) – Use your tax network login name.
Password (optional) – Use your tax network login password.
Timeout (optional) - Tax network connection timeout.
Proxy Address (optional) – Proxy server address.
Proxy Port (optional) – Proxy server port.
Proxy User (optional) – Proxy server login ID.
Proxy Password (optional) – Proxy server login password.
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