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System Settings

The first option on the Settings submenu is System Settings. It is used to configure the general behaviors of the Tax Processing Console.

Name Explanation
Track Audit Information Tracks application usage events like User Logins, Create, Delete, Edit records and more (enable is the recommended value).
System Level Tracing Enable or disable logging functionality.
Application Deployment Mode Setting to store if the Tax Processing Console is hosted in an internet cloud or is installed on-premises under customer administration.
Include Test Data in Charts Include test transaction information in totalization.
Supported Languages List of supported language sets separated by comma using ISO 639-1 two-letter codes.
API Integration
Name Explanation
API Token Authentication Validation Validates the calls to the Tax Processing API Services. When it is enabled if the consumer did not provide the token all API calls are refused (enabled is the recommended value).
API Communication Over Secure Transport Enforce HTTPS communication when API Service is consumed (enabled is the recommended value).
Name Explanation
Email Address for System Notifications Stores email addresses that will be used to send system notifications such as API Tokens about to expire.
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