SnapPay vs SmarterCommerce: How Do We Compare?

Jun 25, 2024, 16:00 PM by User Not Found
Whether you’re handling B2B or B2C transactions, one of the most important things for client satisfaction is a seamless, intuitive payment process. The availability of tap-to-pay and online ordering has raised consumer expectations for convenience in all their transactions. Yet, with so many solutions out there, you may feel uncertain about which one is right for you and your company. Currently, SnapPay and SmarterCommerce are two of the most used and popular solutions out there. But what are the differences between SnapPay vs SmarterCommerce? And which has the features you need? Today, we’ll compare the two solutions so that you can walk away with the confidence and knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your payment processing!

What Is SnapPay vs SmarterCommerce?

SnapPay, owned by Fiserv, is a cloud-based payment platform featuring ERP integration, payments application, gateway, and processing. They serve B2B businesses by automating accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP). SnapPay offers features such as quick onboarding, an open API platform, and a customer self-support portal.

SmarterCommerce, on the other hand, offers several JD Edwards payment solutions to help organizations streamline credit card and payment activities. We assist with both B2B and B2C transactions. One JDE solution we offer includes payment options to make online payments safe, secure, and seamlessly integrated with a JD Edwards ERP. From retail-specific solutions to credit card processing, SmarterCommerce offers a wide range of payment solutions to best assist our clients. 

While SmarterCommerce and SnapPay seem very similar on the surface, there are some key differences that you should consider. The rest of this article will go over how these two solutions compare to each other and what you should look for in your payment solutions. 

What to Consider

There are six key differences we want to highlight.

1. Freedom to Choose Payment Processor

One of the biggest drawbacks for SnapPay is that they are owned by Fiserv, and therefore, all of SnapPay’s clients are required to use Fiserv as their payment processor. This gives their clients little freedom or flexibility to choose a payment processor that may better suit their business needs. Not only does it restrict your ability to choose, but it also means that Fiserv may require higher costs than other solutions, without an option to move away. You may end up paying more for a processor that may not be the best fit for your company. 

SmarterCommerce lets our clients choose whichever payment processor works best for their business. We understand that each company is going to have different needs, and we don’t want to hinder them by requiring you to use one predetermined processor. With SmarterCommerce, you can find a processor that meets your needs at the most competitive price. 

2. Superior JD Edwards Integration

SmarterCommerce is known for its dedication to JD Edwards payment, ecommerce and retail solutions and integrations. As one of the most popular and powerful ERP systems in the market, we want to help companies grow their business and reach through equally powerful solutions with seamless integration. SmarterCommerce is OVI (Oracle Validated Integration) certified, and utilizes its own system code so that our objects do not conflict with your existing objects. When you choose our payment solutions, you can feel confident that you and your customers will have a smooth, easy payment process. 

SnapPay also integrates with JD Edwards; however,  because they are ERP agnostic, this limits the depth of the integration and therefore cannot offer the same seamless integration as SmarterCommerce. This can mean a few things. For example, your customers may find their payment process to be much more complicated than it should be—they may be required to leave your JDE platform to another user experience, and complete their transactions there. You may also have limitations in how you handle re-authorization for unshipped orders or partially shipped orders. This can be a source of frustration for both you and your clients. 

3. Continuing Software Improvements

In a modern age, keeping up with software updates and improving your digital solution is essential. Not only do frequent updates ensure functionality, but it also allows a software product to add new and innovative features for the customer. 

SmarterCommerce is constantly expanding its standard functionality and delivering updates to customers as they migrate to newer JD Edwards releases. Our team listens to what our customers are saying or the features that they want and implements our updates to match their needs. For example, we added the Pay-by-Message feature as a result of growing customer requests, where your customers can complete a sales order by typing in their own credit card through email or text, improving your payment security by ensuring your team never hears your client’s private information. 

The feedback we’ve heard from SnapPay customers is that the product doesn’t seem to have grown in the last few years; no new capabilities or functionality. One of the downsides of SnapPay is that it is a static solution. In fact, this has consistently been the feedback for the last five years. While this may be good if you’re looking for something that will remain consistent, it can be a drawback for customers who are looking for new and updated features in the constantly evolving payments and security landscape.

4. Specialized in JD Edwards Exclusive Solutions

JD Edwards has a very committed and unique customer base. With over a 30-year history of supporting JD Edwards customers, SmarterCommerce solutions are all purpose built for JDE, maximizing the compatibility and depth of integration. Given the importance of an ERP to a business, it’s critical that third party solutions also integrate to JD Edward as the single source of truth.

SnapPay is ERP agnostic, and can be integrated with several leading ERP’s. While this does allow more freedom in choosing an ERP platform, their solutions are not specialized, limiting the depth of integration. A solution that can be used with any ERP may lack the seamless integration of a specialized solution. 

5. Fast-Growing Customer Base

The choice of a customer base is a great indicator of where the market is going and what is working for businesses. In recent years, SmarterCommerce has received a steady stream of new customers, and we’ve seen our customer base grow. An increasing number of these new customers were once with SnapPay and have since moved to SmarterCommerce. From our standpoint, customers are leaving SnapPay and opting for more JD Edwards focused and maturing solutions like SmarterCommerce. 

6. Independently Owned and Committed

Here at SmarterCommerce, we take pride in being independently owned. We serve many private and independently owned companies, and we are dedicated to providing the best solutions for them—and we’ve been doing so for over 20 years. We work well with our clients because we get our clients. 

SmarterCommerce has been independently owned for our entire 30-year history and able to focus on SmarterCommerce. This allows us to focus on the JD Edwards customers base and prioritize the needs of our customers over larger enterprise level directives.

SnapPay was acquired by a Fortune 500 company (Fiserv) and has lost the freedom to focus on JD Edwards or prioritize what's best for their existing customers. In recent years, customers have said they’ve lost their focus, especially for JDE customers, and they may not be able to give the same level of care and attention that an independent company like SmarterCommerce can. 

Experience Easy Payment Processing Solutions with SmarterCommerce

Whether you’ve used JD Edwards for years or are looking to make the switch, our team at SmarterCommerce is here to support you and your business. We offer several solutions and integrations, including: 

  • B2B Ecommerce
  • B2C Ecommerce
  • Payment Solutions
  • Retail Support
  • Epayment Solutions
  • Avalara Tax Connector
  • Call Center Management

We provided support through our offerings to hundreds of clients just like you. See how SmarterCommerce can help you improve your payment processing today!