How to Empower a Sales Team With B2B Ecommerce

Mar 2, 2023, 10:55 AM by User Not Found
While many B2B salespeople view ecommerce as competition, when used effectively, it can be a tool that empowers them to offer customers a modern and versatile buying experience. B2B ecommerce platforms, like SmarterCommerce Ecommerce, enable customers to place routine or simple orders, pay invoices, check inventory or pricing, while also freeing up the sales team to focus on growing customer relationships and solving complex issues they may not have had time for otherwise. Rather than inputting orders into the system or answering repetitive customer questions about availability, order status, or delivery timeframes, sales representatives can automate these tasks and direct their attention to more important and strategic priorities. So, rather than thinking of ecommerce as taking business away from your sales team, think of it as a way to augment and improve it. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using B2B ecommerce.

The Benefits of B2B Ecommerce

Adding B2B ecommerce to your business offers many benefits to streamline and simplify your sales process. In addition to the following advantages, customers can also view the most updated product and service information to self-serve when possible. In the event the customer is unable to complete a task on their own, they can still contact a sales representative who, in real-time, can log into their account and perform the tasks for them, further nurturing the relationship. 

Easier Communication 

Ecommerce platforms often offer built-in chat capability to efficiently initiate and support communication between the customer and the sales team. Even during a typical sales call, all attendees can easily access resources on the portal such as product catalogs, pricing or product lists, allowing the sales team member to provide dynamic, real-time customer support and consultation during the call. It means that both the seller and buyer have access and are referring to the same exact information.

Centrally Housed Data 

Successful B2B ecommerce requires seamless ERP integration to create one central location where all involved parties can access updated information such as the following. 

  • Product availability and inventory levels
  • Pricing or quotes
  • Order or payment information
  • Delivery status
  • Product specifications, manuals, and warranties
  • Invoices

Ecommerce connectivity to the ERP allows sales team members to find the necessary information to respond to customer inquiries quickly and easily. 

Customer Insights

Every customer wants to feel they are getting a personalized experience. Ecommerce makes pertinent information readily available to your sales representatives, such as what products existing customers have looked at or purchased, as well as when a customer has left items in their order cart or created a list. This gives your sales team an easier way to engage with the customer about something the customer is demonstrating interest in already. 

Similarly, ecommerce platforms are also an opportunity for potential customers to find your webstore, browse products, and submit an interest form of some kind. This lead generation inevitably drives more sales and engagement. These marketing tools can include: 

  • Simple lead capture form
  • Prompts to create an account to see pricing or complete a transaction
  • A chat tool to communicate directly with a sales rep
  • Clearly visible communication information to contact the sales team

In this way, salespeople can also customize their initial interactions with potential customers by answering questions about specific products or services your company offers. 

Why SmarterCommerce Is Smart for Your B2B Business

Successful selling in the digital world requires traditional sales functions complemented by innovative digital tools. Knowledgeable B2B buyers have now come to expect self-service capabilities on ecommerce sites, and if you do not incorporate them, your competitors likely will. 

B2B ecommerce is an invaluable, supportive tool for your salespeople — especially when you partner with SmarterCommerce. Our JD Edwards integrated solutions empower customers to trust in your business through every digital interaction, knowing that the information and experience is reliable, without taking away the need for a sales team to facilitate more complex and strategic transactions. 

Because of JD Edwards connectivity, SmarterCommerce Ecommerce offers a tailored approach to B2B commerce for an on-premise or Cloud solution with a comprehensive set of capabilities, including:

  • Customer-Specific Pricing
  • Enterprise Search
  • Quick Order/Import Order
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Quote Management
  • Product Lists
  • Configure, Price, Quote/Order (CPQ)
  • B2B Payment Types 

When you’re ready to empower your sales team to make more efficient, personalized sales and nurture client relationships, reach out to us to learn more.