Integrated DXP and Ecommerce Platforms: 3 Benefits for Your Company

Jan 19, 2023, 17:25 PM by User Not Found
When you see a personalized ad pop up on your internet browser soon after talking about the product or service advertised, that is no coincidence. Rather, it is likely that the promoting company uses a digital experience platform (DXP). DXPs are designed to “learn” customers — what they want, their decision-making process, and their buying habits, to name just a few. This kind of ecommerce solution lets companies build applications that can integrate through various touchpoints and backend systems, contributing to an overall more seamless customer interaction experience. When you combine a functional DXP solution with the power of JD Edwards ecommerce integration, the possibilities for your business are practically limitless. Read on to learn more about how integrating a DXP with your ecommerce portal offers invaluable benefits.

The Evolution of DXP

DXP offers the flexibility of omnichannel experiences and a wider range of digital experience potential and is evolved from the web content management (WCM) and content management systems (CMS) of the past. DXP’s power is its ability to essentially hear the data that is collected throughout the buyer journey and allow companies to use data-driven insights to personalize the customer experience across all platforms.

While ecommerce offers benefits such as inventory management, payment and checkout options, and personalized product recommendations, DXP enhances these services with content management, data collection and analysis, customer and security support, integration with third-party systems, organized omnichannel experiences, and improved customer relationships. 

The Benefits of Integrated DXP and Ecommerce

  1. Tailored Customer Recommendations

DXPs uncover information buried within high-volume data, revealing insights about browsing habits, past purchases, or engagement with marketing initiatives, using artificial intelligence (AI) to organize how content is delivered to potential customers based on information including the following.

  • Clicked links
  • URLs visited
  • Past purchases
  • Marketing engagement
  • Product or service inquiries

AI delivers content based on an individual user’s customer journey, allowing businesses to personalize their content delivery and product suggestions. In addition to gathering this info, AI in DXPs can make real-time decisions without prompting, such as dynamic product recommendations based on all shopping traffic for that same product.

Simply put, integrated DXP and JD Edwards ecommerce lets you use behavioral analysis data to provide more tailored experiences. 

  1. Single Control Center

Using DXPs with your JD Edwards ecommerce integration allows for better touchpoints. Rather than focusing your efforts on a specific encounter on a single channel, DXPs look at the overall quality of customer interactions with the brand, streamlining them and eliminating data silos. Without DXPs, ecommerce businesses need to track customer behavior across various touchpoints, collect, analyze, and deliver relevant content, and offer personalized customer support simultaneously — all requiring numerous software solutions. 

With a DXP integrated with your JDE customer portal, you enjoy a single control center that allows you to perform multiple tasks in parallel. It allows for process optimization, which in turn increases employee productivity as well as employee and customer satisfaction, and results in a customer-first holistic approach to operating your business. 

  1. Personalized Content

SmarterCommerce partners with Sitefinity to allow your company to integrate your content and commerce, managing the way your webstore front-end looks and operates. Your IT and marketing team can use one unified platform to give customers a fully customizable user experience (UX) while managing your content and site seamlessly. 

Even better, DXPs provide individualized data so your business can track KPIs easily from all customer channels and make real-time insight-driven decisions regarding what touchpoint offers the greatest return on investment (ROI) so you can make real-time adjustments as needed. 

With SmarterCommerce and DXP Solutions You Have only Headaches to Loose

At SmarterCommerce, we know the power of combining JD Edwards ecommerce integration with Sitefinity DXP to give your customers a more streamlined UX and positive interactions with your business. When you are ready to harness the benefits of DXP to drive your company’s success, reach out to us. We are ready to help you increase your ROI and decrease your operations complexity.