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Sales Order Using Call Center

Processing an order using the SmarterCommerce Call Center very similar to processing a standard order. This example will be demonstrated using the PQ67101 Order Entry (Call Center) application.


Step 1

Enter sales order verifying tax related fields, to execute Avalara AvaTax Get Tax calculation, set the Tax Rate/Area field of the order lines equal to the value defined in ATTAXAREAC constant. A tax rate/area set to <blank> or any value other than value found in constant will bypass call to Avalara AvaTax Get Tax calculation. Once all detail lines have been entered as desired press OK.


Step 2

On tab Payments in PQ67101, the AvaTax calculation is done by Get Tax by document, in a document or transaction for all the lines of the order not for line by line, all lines of an order are submitted in one transaction.


Step 3

Continue to process the order through to Invoice Print (R42565).