Retail Point of Sale and Mobile Sales

Enabling retail commerce through JD Edwards integrated POS solutions

SmarterCommerce Point of Sale (POS) JD Edwards (JDE) infogrpahic

 Touch-Screen and Mobile Sales

With SmarterCommerce Retail POS for JD Edwards, your store/branch personnel can efficiently serve shoppers from both fixed location counters and with mobile store sales personnel on tablets using our touch-screen POS interface.

 Product Catalog

Provide sales personnel with a JD Edwards-integrated product catalog with images and detailed descriptions to better serve buyers and increase revenues with  upselling and cross-selling. 

 Store Control and Back Office

Not only does SmarterCommerce Retail POS enable smooth store sales operations but it also provides the needed back office capabilities including register controls, end of day processing and accounting all integrated with JD Edwards.


Scalable and Mobile Salesforce

Empower sales personnel to take care of customers throughout your store or branch according to traffic demands using our SmarterCommerce mobile technology and the power of real-time product information, pricing, availability, and account profile information.

Scalable an Mobile Salesforce
Increase Store Productivity

Increase Store Productivity

Having an integrated solution means that inventory, shipping, and order processing can be completely automated. SmarterCommerce takes your POS integration to a new level of productivity so you can attend to your customers.

Management Console 

Manage your retail network, cash drawer operations with support for single, multiple, and shared drawer management along with peripherals such as bar-code scanners, card swipe, printers, and display poles, and cut down time spent on end-of-day processing, to better direct POS operations.

Point of Sale Management Console

Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

SmarterCommerce POS software was built with a touch-screen, browser-based single page solution for a flexible deployment and intuitive user interface that can be operated seamlessly on a PC or tablet with minimal store user training.

Accessible Real-Time Information

Centrally manage stores/branch with real-time information and JD Edwards integration thereby facilitating timely decisions based on real-time data.

Accesible Real-Time Information

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