Payment Processing

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SmarterCommerce Payment Processing for JD Edwards provides an integrated, multi-channel solution to address the payment requirements for sales order (ecommerce, phone and retail POS orders), and service orders as well as support AR collection efforts. Our end-to-end solutions deliver highly secure payment options including Credit Card Processing, PayPal Express Checkout, ACH Processing and E-Check while delivering process efficiencies and comprehensive integration with JD Edwards. In addition, Epayments solutions enable customers to make self-service payments against their open invoices.


This module provides a comprehensive web payment portal including open invoice search, invoice selection for payment and capabilities for real-time payment of selected invoices with credit cards, PayPal payments and ACH. Epayments also allows customer service representative to trigger an email to a customer allowing them to click and enter credit card information (authorize by email) through a portal.

Ecommerce Epayments
Ecommerce Paypal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout

As a leading PayPal® Partner Reseller, Premier can connect your organization to PayPal® Express Checkout. Express Checkout eliminates one of the major causes of checkout abandonment by giving buyers all the transaction details at once, including order details, shipping options, insurance choices, and tax totals.

Credit Card Processing

SmarterCommerce Credit Card Processing provides an integrated, multi-channel solution to address unified commerce payment requirements. SmarterCommerce Credit Card Processing is PA-DSS validated in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for card number encryption. Further, through our partnership with PayPal PayFlow payment gateway, your organization can offer convenient payment options to customers, as well as e-check capabilities.

Payment Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Advanced AR Collections

Credit Card Processing–Advanced AR Collections

Credit Card Advanced AR Collections provides capabilities to inquire on open AR invoices and receive payment, full or partial, for one of many invoices using credit card payment. Your organization can use SmarterCommerce to streamline collection efforts and reduce average days sales outstanding by receiving credit card payments to settle past due AR invoices.

ACH Processing

This module allows merchants to drive down collection and transaction costs by allowing merchants to setup customers for automated bank transfer payments with ACH processing.

Payment Processing Advanced AR
Level 2-3 Processing

Credit Card Processing-Level 2/3 Processing

Credit Card Level 2/3 Processing provides capabilities to support Level 2 or Level 3 processing as follows: Level 2 consists of providing sales order summary information to your customer(s) to support the credit card charges. Level 3 consists of providing sales order line item detail to your customer(s) to support the credit card charges.

Echeck Processing

This module enables the use of Telecheck non-warranty service as a payment method to validate check payments. This end-to-end solution addresses real-time validation of check transactions through the Telecheck network.

Echeck Processing